Pass it On

Posted on:  August 30, 2006

One of the cool things about the internet and the web is the ability to disseminate information quickly. (Although such bits of info could be dubious factually and editorially) For us in the art blog circuit, sharing sketches, ideas and techniques has helped foster a new creative collective. We can now be the reclusive artists that we are but also have the opportunity to look specifically and intently at the work of others past and present.

There’s lots of good info floating around and one such example is cartoonist, comic writer and artist WALLY WOOD and his 22 PANELS THAT ALWAYS WORK Seems that i’m late finding out about this but this sheet has floated around the net for awhile. The story is that while he was an editor at Marvel Comics, Wally pasted up these panels on a sheet of paper as a guide for the new guys. Umpteenth generation copies of the guide had since floated around but recently, the original paste up sheet resurfaced for auction. (it’s since been pulled)

Now here’s a high resolution scan of Wally’s original paste ups:

The guide is nothing more than that…. a guide. There is a lot of practical use for it but like anything, it is up to the artist to use it as he/she pleases. They are merely tools to be used in a judicious manner and will hopefully help improve one’s visual vocabulary. I get asked about technique a lot. My answer is always: “it’s all good. Seek it out and find in it what works and merge it with your personality. Then one day, you get to pass it on”.

More info HERE about Wally Wood’s 22 Panels in tech writer JOE JOHNSON’s blog. (as reported in BOING BOING and DRAWN)


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4 Responses to “Pass it On”

  1. amelia:

    I actually did get these in an email a few weeks ago–they’re really cool.

  2. Louie del Carmen:

    Hey great. Somebody passed it on!

  3. Gerald:

    Hey – thanks Louie for the 22 panels page. These will come in handy.

  4. Louie del Carmen:

    You’re quite welcome G! This thing has been floating around for so long and it’s only recently that I discovered it. Just like most things on the net.