Reverb: Space Fashion

Posted on:  November 9, 2014

The work is heading down the “space glamour” direction lately and I think I like it…

Reverb: Sketches around the Margins

Posted on:  November 3, 2014

Quick line/brush test #photoshop

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Collage of recent sketches done during board breaks #muse #photoshop

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Lots going on. Some life stuff had to be dealt with. Back on track.

Moon Princess

Posted on:  October 31, 2014


Light and Loose

Posted on:  October 18, 2014


A momentary break from self-imposed hybernation

Eternal Spring

Posted on:  September 18, 2014


..snuck in a little painting

(Almost) Superman Comic

Posted on:  September 10, 2014

A couple of years ago my good friend, the incredibly talented BOBBY CHIU (Imaginism Studios) was invited by DC Comics to work on a proposed Superman Anthology. And because Bobby is also incredibly generous he invited me to work on it. He designed the characters while I came up the production design and the story. The big stipulation was that we only had a maximum of 10 pages to tell our short. Ultimately for reasons I can’t really understand this project was canned midstream just as Bobby started to paint over my roughs. It was going to look AMAZING but, like anything the politics and bureaucracy always find a way kill the fun.

So here it is just as I had submitted it to Bobby. (with some minor cosmetic tweaks)











..and so that the lawyers don’t sick their attack dogs on me: THIS IS FOR DEMONSTRATION / NON-PROFIT PURPOSES ONLY. Superman, Krypto (c) DC Comics

Reverb: Late night muses

Posted on:  September 9, 2014

I’ve always been nocturnal but more so lately…


Posted on:  September 9, 2014


Needs to explanation…

Muse Trio

Posted on:  September 3, 2014


Fall is around the corner. Still wishing for some rain…

Reverb: Mo’ Hair!

Posted on:  August 23, 2014

I’m all about getting it right. I love drawing late at night but sometimes you miss things. As duly pointed out Barbarella needed that iconic big hair so, with the magic of the free transform tool and some Aquanet from 1985 voila!