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Dragon Sketches

Posted on:  October 9, 2007

Premiering on November 17th, 2007 is the new book from Toronto-based IMAGINISM STUDIOS called DRAGON SKETCHES, the newest in a series of themed sketch books concieved by the collective talent of artists Bobby Chiu and Kei Acedera who once again invited me to contribute.

Based on the subject matter and the wonderful experience I had contributing to their last book SUBWAY SKETCHES, there was no way I was passing up another chance to collaborate with Bobby and Kei.

Much like their previous sketchbooks, they manage to always assemble a killer list of guest artists to contribute:

Andrew Hou
David Colman
Jason Seiler
John Nevarez
Jose Lopez
Kris Pearn
Martin Hsu
Octavio Rodriguez
Pascal Campion
Patrick Morgan
Robin Mitchell

….so get yourself a copy because like Subway Sketches, this book WILL sell out.

Click HERE for details and ordering info on the IMAGINISM STUDIOS blog.