Steel Noodles A Slice of Heaven

Steel Noodles: A Slice of Heaven

Posted on:  June 30, 2010

Less than 21 days to go before Comic-Con in San Diego and STEEL NOODLES Number 1 is being printed as I type this blog entry. What better way of getting you set up than to post the short comic that started it all.

This waify, oranged haired girl came to me as a simple sketch back in 2006. Soon after I thought of many story concepts and in 2007, I finally settled on an idea. An ambitious one in top of that. Knowing I was biting off more than I could chew I decided to do a little test comic to see, at least artistically what this thing could look like. So while I whittled the story down, I started drawing a little side comic called A SLICE OF HEAVEN. It’s a day in the life of a character I have come to call as VAL, for her sword-wielding, Valkyrie-like look. The result was a limited run, 12 page comic which I sold at Comic-Con in 2007.

The book is long since sold out but here it is in all it’s digital glory. So while ink and paper marry at the presses, get yourself caught up in the world of STEEL NOODLES.