Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Sketches

Posted on:  October 27, 2009

I made my first trip to the seaside city of Santa Barbara, California in 1994 and that visit made quite an impression on me. The inherent beauty of it’s location and it’s predominantly spanish-european architecture was impressive.

Julie and I dreamt of getting married there and indeed we did in 1996. We also talked about living there someday… that one will have to wait for a while but in the meantime, little vacations there will suffice.
Of course, it is a fantastic place to sketch and here are some samples from this past weekend.

Pencil on Handbook Journal mini-sketchbook from a rooftop vantage point.
Same sketch as above, with a a little Adobe Photoshop CS3 color
The view from our hotel room. Pencil and Windsor Newton Cotman pan Watercolors
on Moleskine Watercolor Pad
State Street views. Pencil and Watercolor on Mini Sketchbook
Another State street view. Pencil and Watercolor on Moleskine
watercolor pad.