John Hughes

RIP: John Hughes (1950-2009)

Posted on:  August 6, 2009

I know i’m getting a bit redundant here with tributes but I can’t let the passing of film maker JOHN HUGHES go by without a mention.

It’s an under statement to say that his films are quintessential to so many when it comes to growing up in the eighties. His work related especially to young people whose lives and emotions were often taken for granted. Hughes portrayed youth for all it’s turbulence and awkwardness but at the heart of it all was something inherently sincere, and for all of us who had been overwhelmed with teen angst knew it was right on.

And what about memorable characters? Well, he was a genius at creating those too. What would we do without the likes of Ducky, or The Geek, Clark Griswold, Ferris Bueller or Uncle Buck?

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