Raising Thaumopolis

Posted on:  August 15, 2007

The episode of the limited web series TOMB RAIDER: Re/Visioned that I worked on will premiere Thursday, August 16th and in advance of it is a viewable trailer via the GAMETAP/TOMB RAIDER site.

Also available are select frame grabs (like the one above of Lady Lara Croft all locked and loaded) from the episode titled RAISING THAUMOPOLIS. I also took it upon myself to grab extra images from the trailer to post here.

I am glad to report that overall, the designs translated well and the episode is looking great. Big thanks again to the fine folk at GAMETAP for selecting me out many talented people. It was one unique and gratifying experience. Specific thanks to producer Elliot Blake and Thaumopolis writer Michael Stackpole.

Watch Raising Thaumopolis HERE along with the other fine episodes of the series.

All images (c) Copyright 2007 Eidos / Gametap