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RA + 4

Posted on:  February 11, 2009

This blog is a whopping four years old and time once again to look back at another great year of posts and interaction from all of you who have taken time to do so.

The blogosphere has exploded and undergone quite a transformation since I started in 2005. For us artists, the impact has been tremendous and art blogging has become a standard for anyone trying to make a statement with their work and their opinions.

Thank you to all of you who have continued to stop by as well as the countless blogs who have been kind to have added a link to this place.

Here’s to another great year.


Below are some recent mini-doodles done in ballpoint pen on a tiny 2 x 4 inch sketchbook I recently acquired. It’s small enough to fit in any pocket and great for capturing quick gestures as well as jotting down ideas. The last sketch is a hold over from my DVR sketching sessions.

Couldn’t help but color this ballpoint sketch on Photoshop…

This is the aforementioned mini-sketchpad made by Flip Notes