Danny Boyle

Leader of the Pack

Posted on:  February 17, 2009

I finally got to see the movie almost everyone is talking about in SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE. I often say that “complete” movie experiences are rare these days so it’s a treat when you see one.

Slumdog has been fueled by positive reviews and great word of mouth recommendation which sometimes can be the kiss of death. (at least for me) But I can say that this movie is worth all the adoration and excitement it’s getting.

How far will you go to survive? To achieve your goals? To find true love? Some of us don’t have to risk much yet some have to do much more just to keep living. And through all of these trials one’s character is tested and real heroes are born or lost. This is the constant ebb and flow at the heart of the human experience.

won’t spoil anything else here and just say that director Danny Boyle does a spectacular job story telling both in the visual and the narrative and manages to transport the audience to a world that is rarely seen in this manner.

And if you need a little lift in the spirit department, this movie is pure rocket fuel.