Craig Thompson

A Pleasant Surprise

Posted on:  January 18, 2008

One of my favorite books is artist Craig Thompson‘s CARNET DE VOYAGE and I was delighted to read in DRAWN that one; unbeknownst to me, Craig has had a blog since the middle of last year and two; his latest post is about the making of Carnet itself.

I am a self-confessed process junkie so I get all jazzed when artists give insight into the making of their respective works. Needless to say, seeing Craig’s post made my day. One revealing tidbit is that he kept two sketchbooks while he traveled. One for general use (which took the road abuse) and another “private” book for sketching more finished drawings at night.

Have you ever seen or read or heard something that just impresses the hell out of you and say “man, I wish I created that?”. Probably all the time. Carnet is one of those works that has that certain magical quality where the pieces fit together perfectly. It’s an inspirational piece and I can only hope to create something along those lines before It’s all said and done….