Comic-Con 2011: Thank you

Posted on:  July 26, 2011

It’s no secret that in the last five or so years, people have been complaining how Comic-Con has seemed to have lost it’s essence. (Yours truly included)  But folks, we live in a time where proliferated media is dominating society and marketing via the internet has become the mainstream.

So as much as Comic-Con has become a media circus, all this I feel is cyclical.  One day the media marketers will find another flavor of the month while the superhero genre gives way to another at the box office.  And surely, Comic-Con will do it’s own self-adjustment just like any entity in society. 

But for now, Comic-Con is what you make of it.  There is an experience to be had for anyone willing to make it so.  For us independents, there is still those corners and spots on the convention floor where the simple and unspoiled have their venue.  We exist for the people that get us and despite the hordes of consuming public that dominate the con, our audience knows we are there and are loyal enough to go against the grain. 

For those who do so, we thank you.  I thank you.