Moving Pictures: Beyond

Posted on:  May 16, 2008

Shortly after the release of THE MATRIX in 1999, The Wachowski brothers commissioned a group of top japanese artists and animators to create and produce nine original short films based on the film for a special OVA. (original video animation)

The ANIMATRIX demonstrated once again why the japanese are light years ahead of their north-american counterparts in terms of vision and progressing animation. Here they pushed the boundaries and showed what can be achieved when combining traditional and CG animation.

One of the segments titled “BEYOND” was directed by accomplished animator and illustrator KOJI MORIMOTO whose credits include ROBOT CARNIVAL and the now classic anime AKIRA. He is also the co-founder of STUDIO 4C which produced projects like MEMORIES, SPRIGGAN and parts of TEKKON KINKREET.

Morimoto-san also published the stunning sketchbook called ORANGE which showcases his skills as a designer and illustrator. I consider this book a must have in anyone’s collection and one to study in terms of design sense, graphics and color.

The following images are from BEYOND and demonstrates Morimoto’s innate sense of cinema, composition and draftsmanship. Just great images to look at and derive inspiration from.

The Animatrix is available on DVD and as a download via iTunes . Portions of BEYOND can also be viewed via YouTube.

Click HERE for Koji Morimoto’s site.