Alex Toth

Roy Thomas, et al. on Toth

Posted on:  December 27, 2006

The latest issue of ALTER EGO magazine devotes an entire issue to the life and times of the late and great ALEX TOTH. Writer, comic creator and former Marvel Editor-in-Chief ROY THOMAS as well as other comic book personalities write about their favortie Toth memories. Find out how Mr. Toth got his start as well as some interesting trench stories as told by colleagues from his early years.

Mr. Toth was known to have possessed a fiery personality and sharp wit which dominates a lot of their stories. But what is clear is that he was well-respected and revered not only as an artist but as a man.

Roy (who runs Alter Ego) also does a great job perforating the issue with lots of great Toth art including rough sketches and samples of his aircraft drawing prowess. A great read for not only Toth fans but for any fan of great art. You can get a copy online or your local nerd sanctuary er, comic book store.

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