Steel Noodles 2 Cover

MUSE Volume 2

(Summer 2013) Sketchbook (OUT OF PRINT)

A follow up to MUSE Volume 1 featuring all new female/glamour illustrations. Debuted at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 (50 pages) (Currently available online for purchase at Gallery Nucleus, Stuart Ng Books and Labyrinth Books Toronto, Canada. Scroll to the bottom of the page for links)

Steel Noodles 2 Cover

MUSE Volume 1

(Summer 2013) Sketchbook (OUT OF PRINT)

Limited edition 250 copy sketchbook featuring illustrations of the feminine persuasion (50 pages)

Steel Noodles 2 Cover


(Spring 2012)

Debuting at the San Diego Comic-Con on July 11th 2012, Book two picks up where the story left off in book 1 (50 pages)

Steel Noodles 2 Cover

Girl n Robot: Boomtown

(Fall 2011) All-ages comic

Follow a little girl named Candace and her absent-minded but trusty robot Boxy as they crash land in a lost dimension and meet some curious new friends (35 pages)


(2010) Graphic Novel / Self-Published

In a desolate wasteland a girl wakes up with no memory of a past. In search of home she must traverse a land of despair and danger.

Steel Noodles 1 was selected by USA Today as it’s Daily Pick on Saturday, July 23, 2010 at the San Diego Comic-Con


(2008) Sketchbook / Self-Published (OUT OF PRINT)

A loose sequel to Wayward Traveller, Alternating Currents features a collection of new science-fiction themed sketches and illustrations from the bizarre to the exotic. (36 pages – Printed in the U.S.)

STEEL NOODLES: A Slice of Heaven

(2007) Mini-Comic / Self-Published (OUT OF PRINT)

Featuring a day in the life of a orange haired, waify warrior named Val, this short story was a testbed of sorts (20 pages – Printed in the U.S.)

Snaphots from Alternate Worlds

(2006) Sketchbook / Self-Published (OUT OF PRINT)

A collection of science-fiction themed illustrations in honor of my art heroes.

Random Anomalies


(2006) Cartoon / Self-Published

Fifteen editorial style cartoons of seemingly random events.. or causally connected destiny?
Debuted in San Francisco at Wondercon to great reviews

available in-store or online at:

Nucleus GalleryStuart Ng Booksstore_labyrinth